helena is a consultant, strategist, fashion writer and creative producer based in shanghai. she helps brands bridge the gap between the east and the west through her consulting and creative services while shedding light on china's exciting fashion and creative scene as a freelance writer. 

helena has been in the industry for ten years, focusing mainly on streetwear and youth culture. starting her career as an editor at hypebeast, helena charted the growth of street fashion through her perspective as a female in a male-dominated streetwear industry. she furthered her career at CLOT, one of asia's longest-running streetwear brands - spearheading marketing and pr initiatives. now, she works on various commercial projects in mainland china such as tx huaihai - bringing in exciting international names and brands to the chinese market. 

helena's consultancy work is based off her unique experience in both creative and business, fused with her seamless ability to understand both western and chinese culture.